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Best Dental Clinic in Bangalore Near Me

Everyone deserve to smile freely and with confidence, which can only be achieved with healthy, white teeth. However, problems manifest later in life when patients do not get regular dental treatment. The Best Dental Clinic in Bangalore Near Me, Precise dental Clinic, is where you should go if you’re having problems with your teeth and want to consult a skilled dentist. This clinic has pioneered the use of evidence-based prosthodontics and practice in India. We at Precise dental Clinic strive to educate individuals because the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare strongly encourages people to follow the routine for dental hygiene.

We use best quality equipment and offer first-rate dental procedures to give you the Best dental treatment in bangaloreyou require. And it is our great pleasure to teach people the proper dental hygiene practices to eliminate all tooth problems. So that you can live a fuller, healthier life, we improve the look and function of your teeth here at Precise dental Clinic.

4 things that set Precise dental Clinic apart from other Bangalore dental practices

With the most recent update from the American Dental Association, our top-tier Bangalore family dental care clinic treats patients for all dental issues. Here are four things that set us apart:

Dental Care with the Patient at the Center

We promise to take the time to get to know you to serve your long-term oral health and smile-better needs.

An expert in cosmetic dentistry

As specialists in smile design, we are here to assist you in achieving a more appealing and self-assured smile.

Excellent Innovations

We guarantee your continued satisfaction with our dental care by employing best qualilty equipment and methods.

Proficiency in dental implantology

Discover painless and long-lasting tooth replacement solutions with the help of our skilled implantologist.

Our Services

When you need Best Dental Clinic in Bangalore Near Me, go no further than Precise dental Clinic. Everything from dental implants to Invisalign braces is part of dentistry services.

Dental Implants

Dental implants using artificial teeth are the best option for people losing their natural teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Although it is considered a cosmetic operation, teeth whitening should be seriously considered by anyone with discoloured or yellowed teeth.


Invisalign is ideal for people who do not want visible braces or aligners. If you have crowded or misaligned teeth, we offer various Invisalign treatment options to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your dental health is assessed through a comprehensive examination of your mouth. The next step is for your dentist to identify problems and explain the potential remedies.

Inadequate dental care Intense sugar regimens Use of tobacco products Heavy alcohol intake

Tooth discolouration Edematous, inflamed gums Extremely sensitive Missing or broken teeth Mouth foulness

Good dental hygiene is the best defence against tooth decay. Although alignment and correction may be necessary in certain circumstances, the best way to prevent tooth decay is to brush twice a day using proper technique, floss once a week, and have a dental check-up twice a year.

In Bangalore, you may expect to pay between 2,000 and 10,000 rupees for a root canal. However, factors such as the dentist’s level of expertise, the location of the treatment, the severity of the case, etc., will determine the outcome.

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